About us

I founded the predecessor of Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service in 1999 with the aim of establishing such an animal health service in the Transdanubian region that is able to diagnose and treat the surgical, internal medical and reproduction diseases of the large animals both in the field and in clinical conditions. As Ltd. the Service have been existing since 2006.

It was an important consideration to provide a high- standard service for the Equistrain Academy of the University Kaposvár despite its distance from Large Animal Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Szent István University. In the interest of it’s continuous development, a well- equipped equine service was resulted. This Service can provide medical attendance both in the field and in the clinic working together with several veterinarians.
The Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service lays emphasises to help the veterinarians working on the field with their high quality equipments and also takes part in different research and training programmes. It submitted successful tenders both inland (Széchenyi Plan) and combined with the EU (GVOP, GOP programmes).
Our staff take an important role in national and international animal and human healthcare researches, have scientific (PhD, Habil) and clinical (Equine Specialist) qualifications and take part continuously in training programmes. We have been frequent presenters at the annual Congress of Association of Hungarian Equine Practitioners in autumn. We performed more than 52.000 treatments and 1276 operations between 1999-2013.
Our fundamental philosophy is that with a cooperation based on respect and sincere helping intention (Hungarian Equine Rehabilitation and Health Service-Colleagues-Owners) we are able to provide the most effective help both the sick animal and its worried owner, too.

Innovation became a very important chapter since 2006. The Service completed unique innovations and developments. The final products have been used with satisfaction for treatments by the Service for years and some of them are on the market. These innovations and developments were self-financed or financed from tenders. In some special cases we cooperated with companies capable for the development to produce the planned product with a win-win positioning for both of us. Based on these philosophies we developed deep water Aquatrainer for horses using balneotherapy, quite similar product for dogs and a mobile equipment for humans. Currently we are in the final period of development of equine dental instruments.

Tibor Akos Hevesi DVM, Ph.D, Habil,
honorary professor
Senior Veterinary Surgeon
Leading veterinary

7400 Kaposvár, Guba Sándor út 40. – Aqua training, Sport rehabilitation
Mobil: +36-30 300 4914

1111 Budapest, Karinthy F. út 16. – Reserach and Innovation
7400 Kaposvár, Tinódi L.S. u. 2. – Equine Clinic GPS: 46.3533, 17.7707

Secretariat: info.plsz99@gmail.com

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